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ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem

Taking technology to the next level to the benefit of the building and its occupants

The ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem aims to deliver personalized occupant control for offices and hospitality spaces as well as healthcare and educational facilities. By utilising Bluetooth® communication technology, this new platform allows occupants to easily manage comfort settings within their space via technology they are familiar with, such as a mobile device or app.

Elevate your space


Mobile app compatibility

In this new world of connectivity and the IoT, building occupants expect greater control over their comfort and wellbeing.

The Allure UNITOUCH wall-mounted interface, paired with the new my Personify app, gives users that high level of control at the touch of a screen and enhanced day-to-day experience from the mobile app connection.


Enhance occupant experience

Premises should be able to flexibly adapt to occupant preferences, whether setting a desired temperature, adjusting lighting or sunblinds.  

Developed with the end-user experience as a top priority, our ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem platform allows occupants to conveniently enjoy a more comfortable environment at their fingertips. 


Give your building the right finishing touches

The secret to modern premises is in the details.  

With our ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem platform, including a cutting-edge touchscreen with a contemporary design and an inviting user interface, building owners can easily select the finish that will seamlessly blend into their space.  

Architects are also sure to appreciate the sleek, discreet nature of this line. 

Featured Product



    Welcome to my PERSONIFY, the app that allows you to easily customize your comfort settings directly from your mobile device through its intuitive interface.

    The my PERSONIFY app uses Bluetooth® technology and is compatible with Distech Controls’ BLE-Enabled Enhanced Occupant Experience product line: Allure UNITOUCH and EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE.

    All comfort parameters from a single and convivial interface
    This user-friendly mobile application allows an occupant to intuitively set all room comfort parameters from a single interface:

    • Lighting
    • Temperature
    • Fan speed
    • Sunblinds

    Studies have demonstrated an increase in employee productivity of an additional 9% when occupants were provided with control over their environmental settings.

    Intuitive interface 
    All control screens have been designed with the occupant in mind, making this app easy to use, regardless of one’s technical skillset.

    Personal preferences for a personalized interface and comfort
    The occupant can define their personal preferences, including units and favorites devices, in order to personalize their user interface and space comfort settings.

    Easy connection between mobile application and room devices
    Based on Bluetooth® low energy technology, the mobile device is very easily connected to any BLE-enabled room devices within range (Allure UNITOUCH, EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE).

    Favorite devices can also be defined in order to automatically connect to those that are most frequently used.

    A demo mode is available in order to quickly demonstrate the mobile app’s capabilities, even without being connected to a BLE room device.


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